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About Us


I’m Yvonne Nathan. I’d like to tell you about why I am so passionate about what we do at Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management.

After 37 years in the legal profession I decided to take my years of experience in the legal field, and put it into practice by establishing my own real estate management company, focused on managing sectional title residential estates.

My knack for the ins-and-outs of sectional title management stems from firstly growing up in a home where my parents were both involved in property management, then serving as trustee for a body corporate, and currently serving as chairlady of the residential estate in Morningside where I reside.

My mentor and very dear friend, the late Bob Gould, was the founder of the Sectional Title Helpline and the knowledge he shared has proven to be invaluable.

I have an amazing team of professionals to support me.

My philosophy is simply to practice what I preach. Be fair in all respects, pay attention to the detail, and remain focused on what needs to be done. Make each estate managed, the only estate managed.

My wish is to see that every owner and tenant, in every estate we manage, is happy.

Yvonne Nathan

Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management

  • Yvonne Nathan

    Estate Manager
  • Francois Meintjies

    Estate Manager
  • Dylan Meintjies

    Estate Manager

  • Hannes Vorster

    Site Inspector
  • Jeanette Swanepoel

    Site Inspector
  • Soneni Ncube

    Client Service Manager & Webmaster

    Liaising with customers and estate managers, data capture, distribution of website information, website building, managing agents and accounts for suppliers

  • Phillip Nyathela

    Customer & Office Manager

    Liaising with customers, estate agents, domestic worker applications, pet registrations, club house reservations, movement control, data capture

  • Themba Maluleka

    Assistant Estate Manager

  • Lister Dube

    Office Organiser

We are professionals in service excellence.

Our experienced and professional team, personally trained by Yvonne Nathan, maintain high standard of service excellence in managing our portfolio of residential estates, and assisting our estate trustees and directors, body corporate and residents.

Our team consists of:
  • 5 Estate Managers
  • 2 Site inspectors
  • 1 Relationship & In House Estate Manager
  • 1 Client Service Manager & Webmaster
  • 1 Customer & Office Manager
  • 1 Office Administrator
  • 1 Office Organiser