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Our Services

Our business is service excellence

We manage and administrate residential estates on behalf of the body corporate, home owners association, trustees and directors.

Estate Management

  • Dedicated Estate Managers
  • Site inspections
  • Maintenance and upkeep of estate assets
  • Report on insurance related issues
  • Report on maintenance and repair issues
  • Policy enforcement and building controls
  • Accredited service provider network and database
  • 3rd Party liaison
  • Contracting of security and landscape services
  • Movement controls of residents, contracted service providers, and staff

Administrative services

  • Secretarial support for trustees’ meetings
  • Support body corporate structures
  • Record and preserve personal details of owners and tenants in accordance with the Protection Of Personal Information Act
  • Issue letters of conduct rules in breach
  • Domestic workforce registration and validation
  • Estate agent accreditation

Customer Care

  • Complaints and queries resolution
  • Owner and tenant communication

What Our Client’s Say

  • Yvonne Nathan has been our Estate Manager at Cedar Hills since inception for the estate in 2009 and the Estate Manager for Cara Bianca for one year. I highly recommend Yvonne Nathan to manage any estate. She is very reliable, honest, hard working and always willing to please and goes beyond the call of duty. She is very knowledgeable, and no problem is too big or small without her willing to investigate on behalf of the estate. She guides and advises the trustees and works extremely well with trustees and has a wonderful team of people assisting her, who have all been trained by her. If you need a well managed estate, Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management are strict, black and white and straight forward and will look after your hard earned investment.

    We thank Yvonne Nathan and Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management for all her dedication and commitment to our estates and look forward to many more years working with Yvonne and her team.

    Athol CampbellChairperson - Cedar Hills Private Estate & Cara Bianca

  • I first heard of and met Yvonne Nathan when I was a Trustee at Lynton Manor. I sat on the board of Trustees for a number of years learning everything I could from Yvonne Nathan. She took over Lynton Manor shortly prior to my appointment. I knew from then onwards that we had a supplier who knew exactly wheat she was doing. Our Chairman sold which led to me becoming chairlady. The success of my tenureship was all down to Yvonne. She helped me and the entire Estate through every aspect from Finances to Gardens to Security that makes a successful Board of Trustees. When I sold and moved I know that YNREM was in place and would continue the legacy that we had created.

    Then came the even bigger challenge - I bought in Villa Pienza. I moved in in the September and attended my first AGM in the December and was voted Chairlady. by the March after trying my best to work with the disaster that I was left I called Yvonne and she came and sat with me and we formulated the master plan to turn the estate around. Even though this was a slightly different proposition as it is Full title HOA Yvonne assisted me every step of the way to put in place the correct Service Providers and we made sure we fulfilled all our legal requirements which had never been looked at in the past. We sit now, after 4 years with a profitable estate that is well run and super-efficient.

    None of the above success stories would have been possible without the knowledge, support and expertise of YNREM and Yvonne Nathan.

    Thank you for all that you have contributed. I couldn't have done it without you!!

    Susan Williams-KnillChairlady - Villa Pienza

  • Without doubt Yvonne Nathan has created the Best Real Estate Management in Gauteng.

    Cooperating and sharing the information of tenants with her Estate Management has been very beneficial to our Property Asset Management and to our Landlords who are using our service to provide secure and decent tenant.

    When Yvonne started with Estate Management she was determined to provide the right service to the Complex – Owners and Tenants. Not only looking after the Complex Estate, all of them are cared well and ranking far above of any other Estates, but also taking on the security to provide strict security measures for the safety of the occupants.

    Yvonne was the first to introduce the occupant’s movement; contractors and delivery forms to ensure high safety for the occupants. Plus safety for owners who rent out their units blocking tenants from absconding.

    Her strict enforcement of the rules has born the fruits of well-maintained and secure Estate environment as well as saving Landlords money.

    As asset manager for property investors and registered Estate Agent we have and will always support Yvonne in her Estate Management and hope and pray she is able to add more Estates into her Portfolio.

    Gerhard A HeiserBergplatz Property Investments

  • I am pleased to recommend Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management as a capable and highly professional estate management company. As Chair and Trustee for the VillaFranche Body Corporate, I worked with Yvonne and her team from 2006 to 2016. We have worked closely together on several key projects throughout the years, and I got to know her very well during this time

    Yvonne's sophisticated grasp of real estate management, combined with an enthusiastic and warm approach to her in-company client base improved the management and productivity of our VillaFranche estate. Her approach to managing application support to projects, maintenance of the estate and training of her in-house staff/admin is highly professional and greatly respected by both residents and the Trustee team.

    Yvonne and her team are strict in adhering to Estate conduct rules and the applying thereof in the estate which makes it much easier for the elected Trustees.

    Yvonne has worked hard to improve documentation procedures and getting processes in place, making it easier for the Trustees and for those filling her shoes when she may not be around; although even on leave in Australia, Yvonne answers calls and returns e-mail correspondence.

    Yvonne's output of completed projects has exceeded the combined results of all other efforts I have witnessed and precision to detail must be mentioned as one of her top management skills.

    Yvonne is able to work effectively with other co-workers, service providers and various Trustee members, which makes her and her team a great addition.

    Michelle JoubertVillaFranche Chairperson