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Estate Agents

At Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management we believe that information and planning is key to a well managed estate. With this in mind we have an Accreditation Program for Estate Agents where we meet with new agents once a year, go through all our forms, management procedures and conduct rules so that the agents will be able to impart this information to new owners and prospective tenants.

Should you wish to join the program as an Estate Agent in the estates that we manage then please contact us.

Estate Agents wishing to renew their accreditation with us must provide us with their and their company's latest Fidelity Certificates, without having to attend a further accreditation meeting.

  • Access to Estate Documents/Forms

    We give you online access to download all necessary forms for your clients.

  • Show Day Bookings

    Show Days need to be booked with our office. We make this easy by giving you access to an online booking system.

  • Estate Notifications

    We will keep you updated on any estate notifications.